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The Rhodes Journalism Review is a specialist magazine for journalists aimed at heightening their contribution to democracy and development. It is based at the School of Journalism and Media Studies at Rhodes University and has been publishing since 1991. The writers consist of practitioners in the field and media experts, academics, monitors and researchers. The Review takes a strongly interventionist stance, setting agendas and promoting debates on critical media issues for journalists. It communicates these thoughts visually and with striking design. Rhodes Journalism Review seeks not so much to document the passing events and controversies involving journalists and journalism but rather to explore in a more sustained and issue-based way the methods, mechanisms and mindsets involved in a journalism that is more responsive and responsible in relation to its social and political role in democratic countries. We seek to put into practitioners' and educators' hands a tool for critical thinking, analysis and altered practice. This is done by commissioning a wide variety of points of view and experts on multiple subjects and by looking into and reporting on innovative practices and ideas which lend themselves to being more widely disseminated.

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