n Journal of Public Administration - HIV / AIDS - the slow onset disaster : disaster management perspectives and challenges into the new millenium : viewpoint - : viewpoint

Volume 36, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 0036-0767



One of the most extensive challenges that ordinary South Africans, and more specifically, the South African government is faced with, is to find a way to manage the looming HIV / AIDS disaster that is unfolding in our midst. The successful management of HIV / AIDS requires a holistic and integrated multisectoral approach that in essence is underpinned by disaster management principles.

Notwithstanding the multiple and costly efforts from government, the evident rise in the statistics in HIV / AIDS seem to challenge those advocates that want South Africans and the world to believe that the HIV / AIDS epidemic is well under control. However, it deserves to be mentioned that government is indeed involved in various initiatives in an attempt to manage the HIV / AIDS epidemic successfully.
In this article it would be argued that the management of HIV / AIDS according to disaster management principles is a possible solution to successfully manage the HIV / AIDS epidemic. The management of HIV/AIDS according to disaster management principles would lead to the suggestion that AIDS is a typical slow-onset disaster. In order for government to effectively manage HIV / AIDS, it would be necessary to adopt an integrated, and multisectoral disaster management approach.
In the absence of a medical cure, the management of the HIV/AIDS epidemic according to disaster management principles, is possibly an alternative way to understand and manage the HIV/AIDS epidemic successfully in South Africa.

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