n Journal of Public Administration - Public policy-making and policy analysis in South Africa amidst transformation, change and globalisation : views on participants and role players in the policy analytic procedure

Volume 37, Issue 4
  • ISSN : 0036-0767


Since 1993/4 South Africa has been characterised by comprehensive political, constitutional and socio-economic transformation and change. South Africa was also provided the opportunity to break away from the boundaries of isolation and to re-enter the global village. Reforms of such a magnitude inevitably leads to change and transformation in almost all spheres of government and administration, and consequently public policy. This in itself placed a much heavier burden on policy makers, and consequently those involved in the assessment of policies, because national policy to facilitate transformation and change, now also has to align with international global requirements and demands.

For public institutions to survive, grow productively and render quality services to the public, the to effectively formulate policies for change and on a continuous basis also assess or analyse such policy initiatives, is of paramount importance. This would imply that awareness, knowledge and skills are needed at all levels in order to implement sound policies and 'make change happen'. A better understanding of the public policy-making process, the stakeholders involved, as well as the role and responsibilities of those involved in policy assessment could ensure a greater degree of when public policies are formulated and the implementation of such policies considered.

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