n Journal of Public Administration - Talent management as strategic tool in retaining human capital

Volume 42, Issue 5
  • ISSN : 0036-0767



Human capital remains an institution's vitality and strength and public institutions should co-ordinate human action for public interest and institutional effectiveness. It is important for managers to not only take cognisance of human resource challenges, but to also address them in order to apply human resources as a competitive advantage. When departments perform well, it is primarily due to the human capital's inspiration, enthusiasm, skills and reliability, combined with good leadership (World Public Sector Report, 2005:v). It is therefore imperative to take cognisance of the pivotal role that human resources play in an institution's effectiveness, productivity and performance. Public sector institutions are confronted with a number of challenges of which one of the largest is to retain good employees. Due to the fact that skilled, competent staff is in high demand in the public sector, it is important that strategic managers give precedence to talent management. Talent management processes should ideally be linked with and relate to other developmental practices in the institution to subsequently assist in increasing the visibility and significance of succession planning. The paper will explore the relevance of retention guidelines and succession planning to address the challenge of talent management. Best practices will be viewed with the aim to make recommendations for use as strategic management tools in talent management towards retention of such talent, as well as improved organisational performance which will ultimately be in the public interest.

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