n Journal of Public Administration - Enhancing local economic development in resourced areas in Africa - an investigation of the efficacy of public participation model / processes in the resourced Niger Delta regions of Nigeria : the case of Ogba community

Special issue 1
  • ISSN : 0036-0767



The Niger Delta region in Nigeria is a well resourced region and accounts for most of Nigeria's foreign exchange earnings through the supply of petroleum oil to the international market. While it has been a source of economic benefit for the nation state - Nigeria, it has also become a source of poverty for the millions of local residents in the areas where crude oil has been discovered. Ogba community which provides the site of this investigation is no different. This is primarily because of the loss of local and economically productive livelihood through the continuous devastation of the environment as a result of the oil exploration activities and limited employment opportunities in this area.

The communities of the Niger Delta and Ogba community specifically and prior to oil exploration were self sufficient. Most were farmers, hunters and fishermen but these activities have been affected due to a range of environmental occurrences that have devastated forests, farmlands and rivers. With economic stagnation and increasing levels of poverty, this paper analyses the efforts of stakeholders particularly government in promoting local economic development through various approaches including the efficacy of public participation in both formal and informal networks with a view to improving the current practices, reflecting on its impact and make recommendations that could assist policy makers re-energise inclusive local economic developmental activities.

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