n Journal of Public Administration - Role of educational institutions in professionalising IDP training : view point

Special issue 2
  • ISSN : 0036-0767


Integrated Development Planning (referred to commonly as IDP in this article) is a process which is informed by a legal framework, and thus constitutes an imperative for long term planning which requires skilled municipal officials to manage it. The role of university is critical to create and enhance the human resource capital. However, universities in general were in the past criticized for failing to provide practical innovative skills and orientation of its educational offerings in the work place. All of this have changed in the past decade due to the new education landscape crafted in 2004 which amongst others, configured and merged the Higher Educational Institutions and continues to dictate them to be skills oriented in respond to training needs. The Council on Higher Education is the custodian of education offerings in all registered higher educational institutions with the Department of Education; as such the programmes and module contents are expected to be revised on a regular basis to meet the specific market needs. A need has arisen that an IDP module should be designed and incorporated into the Local Government Programme, be it a certificate, a diploma or a degree, to create a room for strengthening IDP institutional capacity. This article argues that higher educational institutions with Public and Municipal Administration programmes as one of their offerings should take a lead in re-engineering municipal capacity building, most importantly IDPs and Local Economic Development (LED). In short, IDPs should be formalised into the curriculum of an educational institution informed by curricular renewal, re-engineering and humanising pedagogy.

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