n Journal of Public Administration - The role of the Royal Bafokeng administration in the promotion of municipal service delivery

Special issue 1
  • ISSN : 0036-0767



This article explains the role of the Royal Bafokeng Administration in the promotion of municipal service delivery. The article lists the governing, administrative and management processes which are relevant to the promotion of municipal service delivery. It also examines the traditional system of the Royal Bafokeng, municipal services and infrastructure development. The article outlines a comprehensive explanation of how the Royal Bafokeng Administration has shifted from being a traditional institution embracing the Bafokeng customs, traditions and value system to operating as a corporate entity delivering municipal services. The Royal Bafokeng Administration is future-oriented and has expanded its horizons and aligned its traditional approach to a corporate approach. The article concludes with a synergy between the Royal Bafokeng Administration and the Greater Rustenburg Municipality.

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