n Journal of Public Administration - Citizen participation as an aspect of local governance in municipalities : a South African perspective

Volume 48, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 0036-0767



South African Constitution provide for three spheres of government (National, Provincial and Local Government) that are distinctive, Interdependent and Interrelated. These three spheres of government through policies and legislation are bound to foster a nation that is hands on when it comes to matters affecting their well-being in their respective communities across the Republic. It is through these policies and legislations that provisions are made that citizens will be able to voice their concerns when their government embarks on any development projects in their locality. It must be noted that citizen participation will in particular takes place at the local sphere of government, which are municipalities. Across all the municipalities in South Africa, governance is ensured through participation of stakeholders, Community-based organisations, Non-governmental organisations and Civil society organisations are parties to govern to ensure that everyone represented is involved in the affairs of government. Citizen participation is the involvement of communities and community organisations in the affairs of government to ensure that their voices are heard. Citizen participation is a community-based process, where citizens organise themselves and their goals at the grassroots level and work together through non-governmental community organisations to influence the decision-making process. The involvement of communities in the affairs of local government will be discussed by using seven core values for the practice public participation, several typologies for public of participation. In this document, literature review methodology will be used to gather information on the topic. Different pieces of legislations and policies will also be review to give a legislative balance and legitimacy on the topic.

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