n South African Journal on Human Rights - Re-Imagining Justice : Progressive Interpretations of Formal Equality, Rights and the Rule of Law, Robin L. West : book review

Volume 20, Issue 3
  • ISSN : 0258-7203



Those who are familiar with Robin West's work in feminist and critical legal studies will know her as a scholar who has sought to engage the conceptual foundations of law and legal liberalism in a manner that seeks to expose their biases, as well as to offer forms of reconstruction. In addition, she does not hesitate to engage critically with the thinking of the broad critical legal studies movement. Her 1988 article 'Jurisprudence and Gender' was both a trenchant criticism of the liberal legal subject, and of the limitations of the alternatives posed by critical legal studies and radical feminism. Working from a broadly relational feminist perspective, West has paid particular attention to questions of community, care and empowerment in and through the law. Her concern is not only with the theory of law, but also with how the law is better able to protect those who are most in need: victims of forms of private violence, those who lack power in negotiating legal agreements, and the economically and socially vulnerable.

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