n SA Mercantile Law Journal - SIM-card swapping, mobile phone banking fraud and RICA 70 of 2002

Volume 21, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1015-0099


SIM ('Subscriber Identity Module')-card swapping and mobile phone banking fraud are forms of fraud encountered in the use of mobile banking services. Mobile banking is a form of wireless electronic banking that does not require a client to bank within traditional banking premises. Electronic banking is a generic term that denotes banking services provided through different access devices. Electronic banking incorporates the use of ATMs, telephone or mobile phone transactions and the Internet. Wireless banking in the form of mobile phone banking may be seen as the next step after Internet banking on a fixed telephone line, and it allows a client to access his accounts via a cellular phone after the mobile banking menu is downloaded onto the SIM-card. Mobile phone banking entails that an application will be loaded onto the SIM-card so that the client can access certain banking services.

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