n South African Journal of Labour Relations - The factors influencing the performance intent of managers in the Kenyan public sector : lessons for South Africa

Volume 36, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 0379-8410
  • E-ISSN: 2520-3223



Slow and bureaucratic processes that retard organisational performance have been considered characteristic of public sector institutions in Kenya, as in most countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. Employees and managers in this sector have been perceived as underperforming. There is therefore a need to investigate ways to improve the individual performance of public sector employees. It is hoped that the lessons learnt will be applicable to the South African public sector.

In this study, organisational culture (entrepreneurial and market orientation), strategic management and corporate ethics are investigated as determinants of the performance intent of managers in the Kenyan public sector. A survey approach was used to collect data from 670 senior executives from 134 Kenyan public (state) enterprises. Two hundred and fifty-six (256) useful survey responses from 53 public enterprises were received. The structural equation modelling (SEM) statistical technique was used to test the hypothesised relationships between the above-mentioned determinants and the dependent variable, managerial performance intent.
The empirical results revealed that an entrepreneurial, market and strategic management orientation does not influence managerial performance intent, whereas strategy implementation does exert a positive influence on managerial performance intent. The implications of these findings for both Kenyan and South African public sector managers were explored.

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