n South African Journal of Sports Medicine - Poster abstracts

Supplement 1
  • ISSN : 1015-5163
  • E-ISSN: 2078-516X


P1: The Effect of Load on Achilles Tendon Structure in Novice Runners

P2: Investigating the role of rs2071307 gene variant as a risk factor for Achilles Tendon Pathologies in a British Cohort
P3: The effect of substance P and acetylcholine on tenocyte proliferation converge mechanistically via TGF-α1
P4: Tendinosis-like changes in denervated rat Achilles tendon
P5: Glutamate signaling through the NMDA receptor reduces the tenocyte phenotype in plantaris tendon cells in vitro and is modulated by loading and glucocorticoids
P6: Glucocorticoids reduce the tenocyte phenotype in primary tendon cells in vitro as seen by decreased expression of scleraxis and collagens
P7: What tendon pathology is seen on imaging in people who have taken fluoroquinolones? A systematic review
P8: The Acute Effects of Mechanical Vibration on Patellar Tendon Elasticity as Assessed by Shear Wave Elastography
P9: Microcirculation in the proximal supraspinatus tendon and correlation to shoulder strength in badminton athletes: with dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI
P10: Correlations Between Patient-reported Outcomes and Functional Performances in Patients with an Achilles Rupture; Construction of the Taiwan Version of VISA-A
P11: Can delivery of mesenchymal stem cell aggregates enhance retention of cells at the site of injury in cell therapy of equine tendon?
P12: Good lumbopelvic stabilization is associated with patellar tendinopathy absence in athletes
P13: Is knee valgus associated with patellar tendinopathy in jumping athletes?
P14: Is neovascularisation an indicator of subsequent tendon injury risk in horses?
P15: The mechanical properties of scaffolds for rotator cuff repair
P16: T cell activation profiles in early supraspinatus tendinopathy point towards a Th1 phenotype
P17: Development and optimization of a novel electrospun suture with potential for use in rotator cuff tendon repair
P18: Comparison of TGFα expression in healthy and diseased human tendon
P19: Incidence of lower limb tendinopathy in Brazilian youth athletes
P20: Effect of iso-inertial squat on incidence of patellar tendinopathy in elite male soccer players
P21: Temperature differences in affected compared with unaffected legs in subjects with unilateral Achilles tendinopathy: A pilot study
P22: Is widespread mechanical sensitivity a feature of Achilles tendinopathy?
P24: An Investigation into the Effect Different Window Size Analysis has on Achilles Tendon Ultrasonographic Tissue Characterisation Echo-type Quantification
P25: An exploration of intron 4 polymorphisms within the COL5A1 gene and its association to anterior cruciate ligament injury risk
P26: Investigating an in silico approach to identify genetic susceptibility loci for musculoskeletal soft tissue injuries
P27: The CASP8 gene and risk of carpal tunnel syndrome
P28: Genetic variants in the proteoglycan, decorin and risk of carpal tunnel syndrome
P29: Evaluating polymorphisms within the proteoglycan encoding genes with Achilles tendinopathy susceptibility
P30: Pieces to the puzzle: Identifying variants associated with musculoskeletal soft tissue injuries using whole exome sequencing
P31: TGF-α stimulated BGN gene expression in a genetic susceptibility model for musculoskeletal soft tissue injuries: A pilot ex vivo study
P32: More Tendinopathy than Inflammatory Arthritis in a New Patient Rheumatology clinic. A retrospective review of 397 new patients
P33: Plantaris tendon, its presence, location and size in the region of the Achilles tendon: An observational cadaveric study
P34: Plant derived rhCollagen scaffold combined with PRP enhances healing in tendinopathy
P35: Non-rigid speckle tracking exploratory study for tendinopathy signaling in symptomatic subjects
P36: Cross-sectional pilot study comparing function, morphology and biomechanical behavior of conservatively versus surgically treated Achilles tendon ruptures
P37: Modulation on tendon vascularization is associated with pain in athletes with patella tendinopathy after 12-week of eccentric exercise combined with extracorporeal shockwave therapy
P38: A preliminary exploration of somatosensory and psychological characteristics in a severe subgroup of individuals with lateral epicondylalgia
P39: Patient characteristics associated with the severity of pain and disability of gluteal tendinopathy
P40: Increase in tendon strain is associated with pain reduction after 12-week eccentric exercises in jumping athletes with patella tendinopathy
P41: Taping facilitates scapular kinematics and activity onset of scapular muscles in athletes with rotator cuff tendinopathy

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