oa South African Medical Journal - Murine typhus : its pathology

Volume 24, Issue 25
  • ISSN : 0256-9574
  • E-ISSN: 2078-5135



The scanty literature on the pathology of murine typhus is reviewed and a new case which died of massive pulmonary embolism is descriptionbed. At autopsy, as in previously recorded cases, there was the main lesion of an acute diffuse myocarditis but in addition other lesions, probably related to the disease, were myositis of the tongue, degenerative and regenerative changes in the liver and chronic inflammatory cell infiltration of the suprarenal glands and kidneys. The brain appeared normal. A brief comparison is made between the pathology of epidemic and murine typhus. There appear to be differences, viz., the more frequent occurrence of 'typhus nodes' in the brain and emphasis on endothelial proliferation and thrombosis of small and larae vessels in epidemic typhus. However, until such time as more autopsies of fatal cases of murine typhus are available, no definite conclusions can be drawn.

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