oa South African Medical Journal - Amyoplasia congenita

Volume 27, Issue 17
  • ISSN : 0256-9574
  • E-ISSN: 2078-5135



1. Amyoplasia congenita, also known by a variety of other names, is a congenital disease. It is characterized by deformities of joints and muscles, usually accompanied by other defects a lso of congenital origin. 2. A typical case is presented and a suggestion made about the causation of the fractures sustained during birth. A second case, which appears to be an example of the same condition, is also reported. 3. A survey of the available literature is made to show the clinical features and pathology of the disease. 4. The mental state is considered, as is the prognosis and treatment. 5. The pathology of the joint and muscle lesions seems to be well understood and it has been suggested that there is a fairly close relationship between amyoplasia congenita and the spinal muscular atrophies of Oppenbeim and Werdnig Hoffmann. Unanimous agreement has not yet been reached whether amyoplasia congenita is, in fact, primarily a disease of the nervous system rather than a primary muscular condition.

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