oa Madoqua - Karyotype of the South West African plains zebra (Equus burchelli Gray, 1824 subsp.?) and mountain zebra (Equus zebra hartmannae Matschie, 1898): their cytogenetic relationship to Chapman's Zebra (Equus bulchelli antiquorum H. Smith, 1841) and the Cradock Mountain Zebra (Equus zebra zebra Linn, 1758) .

Volume 1969 Number 1
  • ISSN : 1011-5498



The pIains zebra of South West Africa (Eguus burchelli burchelli) and Chapman's ""zebra (E. burchelli antiquorum) as found in the Kruger National Park have the same chromosome number (2n = 44) and similar karyotypes.

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