n Management Dynamics : Journal of the Southern African Institute for Management Scientists - Personality and job satisfaction : a small-business owner perspective

Volume 21, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1019-567X


As in many other countries, the failure rate among small businesses in South Africa is high. The possibility exists that many small-business owners are not satisfied with being self-employed because self-employment is not suited to their personality disposition. This lack of suitability could result in low levels of job satisfaction, with the ultimate consequence that their business fails. This study investigates the influence of small-business owners' personality on their satisfaction with self-employment, and their commitment levels to it. Personality is measured in terms of the dimensions of the five-factor model of personality, namely Extraversion, Conscientiousness, Openness to experience, Agreeableness and Neuroticism.

The findings of this study show that individuals who have high levels of the personality traits Conscientiousness, Openness to experience and Agreeableness are more likely to be satisfied with, and committed to, small-business ownership. Based on these results, this study provides insights into the personality profiles most likely to suit self-employment. The findings of this study are of value for individual career and personal development plans, as well as career and personal counseling, specifically with regard to a decision relating to a career in self-employment.

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