n South African Gastroenterology Review - Evaluating National Health Insurance (NHI) as a mechanism to increase access to healthcare through an ethics lens. : report

Volume 7, Issue 3
  • ISSN : 1812-1659



The inequities in South African society are well-known and acknowledged by most. These inequities have prompted many reforms. Till today these inequities underpin discussions on public transportation, education, housing and healthcare. Our Constitution recognises these rights and requires of government to take steps to address healthcare, education and housing in a progressive manner. The Constitution also recognises the financial implications of realising these rights, requiring the state to realise the rights "within its available resources". In a recent case, concerning access to water, and whether requiring of persons, after receiving a certain amount of water for free, the Constitutional Court recognised that the City of Johannesburg may not have the resources to immediately realise the right to its fullest extent, stating that such realisation must by its very nature, be progressive.

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