n Journal of Depression and Anxiety - Noradrenaline and schizophrenia : A role for antidepressants? : review article

Volume 4, Issue 4
  • ISSN : 1560-0181


Despite major advances in the understanding and treatment of schizophrenia, it remains an incompletely understood and often debilitating illness. The classic dopaminergic model of schizophrenia has given way to a more complex picture. Numerous studies have in recent years been examining the potential role of nondopaminergic systems in the pathophysiology of this illness. Several of these studies have focussed on the noradrenergic system, which is known to have wideranging effects in the brain. Within this context research into noradrenaline (NA) and schizophrenia will be reviewed. Furthermore, the potential benefits of pharmacotherapy involving noradrenergic pathways in the treatment of schizophrenia, including several of the newer antidepressants will be explored.

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