n African Journal of Psychiatry - Joint European and South African Research Network in Anxiety Disorders (EUSARNAD) - report from First EUSARNAD Colloquium, February 2013

Volume 16, Issue 6
  • ISSN : 1994-8220


Anxiety disorders are common, distressing and impairing conditions - but many people remain undiagnosed and the standard of care received is usually sub-optimal. Although advances in genetics, neuroscience, pharmacology and psychology research have all deepened our understanding of anxiety disorders, on an individual basis it remains difficult to predict who will become troubled by symptoms and difficult to make treatment decisions which would result in better clinical outcomes for the patient.

The European and South African Research Network in Anxiety Disorders (EUSARNAD) aims to provide an international collaborative network for sharing clinical databases, refining research methodologies, and developing and evaluating innovative treatments for patients with anxiety disorders. EUSARNAD thereby contributes to initiatives to enhance understanding of the causes of anxiety disorders and to the development and improved delivery of improved treatments. During the two-year programme, individual exchange researchers are affiliated to research active teams in each of the participating institutions. They gain access to the knowledge and expertise at each participating centre and are also able to attend local postgraduate training programmes within the host institutions.

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