n Medical Technology SA - Mechanism of cell death of lymphocytes and neutrophils exposed to fumonisin B and ochratoxin A : peer reviewed original article

Volume 23, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1011-5528


: This research was a preliminary study to determine effect of mycotoxins, Fumonisin B and ochratoxin A, on immune cells, that is the mechanism involved in the death of immune cells.

: Lymphocytes and neutrophils were isolated from the blood of five healthy individuals and purified using differential hypaque gradient centrifugation. These were then exposed to fumonisin B and ochratoxin A at a predetermined LD for these mycotoxins. The LD for a 2 hour exposure of Fumonisin B was 25 μg/ml and for a 23 h exposure of Ochratoxin A it was 50 μg/ml. Cell suspensions left unexposed to mycotoxins made up the negative control. The mechanism of cell death was measured using immunocytochemistry and morphological changes were observed by Light Microscopy (LM).
: There was a decrease in cell viability of lymphocytes and neutrophils exposed to fumonisin B and ochratoxin A. Immunolabelling experiments showed distinct fragmentation of DNA.
: These results indicate that fumonisin B and ochratoxin A cause the death of lymphocytes and neutrophils by apoptosis and thus have asuppressive effect on the immune system which may induce or cause certain diseases in which these toxins are implicated.

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