n Medical Technology SA - Collagen in odontogenic tumours : a histochemical- and immunohistochemical study of 19 cases : peer reviewed original article

Volume 26, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1011-5528


This study investigated the collagen content of odontogenic tumours. Wax blocks of 19 odontogenic tumours (ameloblastoma n=3, adenomatoid odontogenic tumour n=3, ameloblastic fibroma n=3, ameloblastic fibro-odontoma and ameloblastic fibro-dentinoma n=4, odontogenic myxoma n=3 and odontogenic fibroma n=3) were sectioned and stained by the H&E-, Picrosirius-, Reticulin-, Masson Trichrome methods and the immunoperoxidase technique for collagen type IV. The distribution of collagen types I-IV was recorded for each tumour. The basement membrane zones of ameloblastomas showed perpendicular oriented collagen type I fibres which anastomosed with the stromal collagen. The collagen content correlated with the shapes of the epithelial components in ameloblastomas, adenomatoid odontogenic tumours, ameloblastic fibromas and odontogenic fibromas. Formation of collagen was found to be the first indication of stromal induction. In odontogenic myxomas, coarse type I collagen fibres were intersected at obtuse angles by delicate type III fibres. Except for around blood vessels, no collagen type IV was found in odontogenic tumours. The distribution of collagen is unique for each odontogenic tumour type.

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