n Medical Technology SA - Pilot study of Intern Medical Technologists performances related to the National Board examinations : views from the laboratory trainers, supervisors, examiners and moderators for the period 2008-2012

Volume 30, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1011-5528



This study investigated the possible reasons for the high failure rates of Interns in the Gauteng region related to the National Board examinations from 2008-2012. According to the SMLTSA database, for this five year period, a total of 2012 students wrote the Clinical Pathology examination. Of these only 854 passed. This 42% pass rate for the years under review has raised concerns as to the reasons for the high failure rates. Trainers and supervisors of two private sector laboratories and one government sector laboratory in Gauteng involved in the work integrated learning (WIL) and Internship training of Biomedical Technologists accepted the invitation to participate in the study. Examiners and moderators involved in the four main disciplines were asked to complete an electronic survey. The survey consisted of both structured and open-ended questions. A multiple response analysis with frequency counts and cross-tabulations was used to analyse the data based on a Likert scale. Coded data was transferred to a file and analysed using SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences). It was clear that the quality of training and the preparation received by students and Interns was not always adequate. One of the findings highlighted, the insufficient number of laboratory training staff available for the evaluation, preparation and mentoring of both WIL students and Intern Biomedical Technologists. The study emphasised the necessity to implement improvement plans.

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