n Mental Health Matters - How mindfulness can help prevent relapse of depression?

Volume 1, Issue 2
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The past 15 years has seen an exponential rise in the interest in mindfulness. This has occurred in a number of different contexts, but nowhere more so than in mental health. One major driving force of this interest has come from the development of Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) for preventing relapse in depression - backed by rigorous theoretical foundation and compelling empirical research demonstrating its efficacy. Currently, there are six randomised clinical trials (n=593) which show that MBCT is associated with a 44% reduction in in relapse risk compared to usual care in patients with three or more previous episodes of depression. This article will explore and explain what mindfulness is; how it is relevant to preventing relapse in depression; and how relapse prevention is taught in the MBCT programme.

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