n Mental Health Matters - Living with...ADHD! and the consequence of only being diagnosed at the age of 42

Volume 3, Issue 2
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For decades I could not understand why I felt so angry and frustrated even when things were going my way. I never excelled at school except when I was either threatened with punishment or when I enjoyed a subject, then I always did very well but soon became bored and lost focus. I could never complete tasks or projects, whether it was for school, work or pleasure. When a task became onerous I would procrastinate continuously. All this stems from me not knowing that I had ADHD, this resulted in years of constantly changing jobs, looking for new opportunities and ventures, taking risks that most people would not normally do. I have worked for myself for most of my life and I have had moderate success, but then again I have made some spectacular mistakes. After years of strife, compliments of ADHD, I ended up with depression and this "symptom" resulted in me staring to look for answers.

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