n Mental Health Matters - GPS and disabled patient's right to reasonable accommodation : how medical personnel can improve treatment outcomes & patient support : what GPS need to know to advise patients & employers : guest editorial

Volume 3, Issue 3
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All Medical Practitioners ("MPs") and Health Professionals ("HPs") have a vital and indispensable role to support their patients with disabilities and promote non-discrimination, employment equity and equality. A regular problem is that most MPS and HPs have never been trained to do it. CPD training does not sensitise practitioners about their patients' rights and employers' duties to their patients - and does advise MPs and HPs on how to give medical information and recommendations to others who must promote disabled patients' rights and discharge important duties to disabled patients. Importantly, in South Africa, legislation to promote equality and equity all directly supports MPS and HPs to enhance patient support, improve treatment outcomes and care for patients who have disabling impairments.

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