oa Journal of Marketing - Learn to listen... or listen to learn! : relationship marketing

Volume 2008, Issue 10
  • ISSN : 1811-9565



For me, it is best summed up in the numerous articles that have appeared in so many leading business magazines around the world about the ongoing success of one company, in an industry where many of the world's top brands are fighting for survival. I refer, of course, to the automotive industry and that stellar brand, Toyota. How have they done it? My take on it, is that after all has been said and done, Toyota do one thing brilliantly well. In fact they probably do it better than any other company on the planet today. That is Listening. Listening to their employees, with more than 50,000 suggestions being put forward annually. Listening to their dealer network and empowering them to make the right decision in the interests of their clients.

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