oa Journal of Marketing - Even in Lesotho, there's nowhere to hide : 5 strong voices

Volume 2009, Issue 08
  • ISSN : 1811-9565



Back in the closing years of the 12th century, in 1173 to be precise, the good citizens of the Tuscan town of Pisa had a whip-round to come up with enough cash to build a new cathedral. This being a particularly prosperous part of Italy, the lire flowed freely and soon there was enough money in the bank not only for the proposed cathedral, but also to cover the cost of a freestanding bell-tower alongside. Designs were finalised, contracts awarded, and so it was that a few weeks later, the first site meeting for the construction of the great tower of Pisa was under way. Crouched over the plans, the head quantity surveyor whispered conspiratorially to his foreman, "I've saved a couple of bucks on the foundations. No-one will ever know."

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