oa Journal of Marketing - Ann Muthuma - do you think you're special? Brands and . : 5 strong voices

Volume 2010, Issue 06
  • ISSN : 1811-9565



People as well as places and products are best remembered if they are original and authentic. Sometimes authenticity matters more than originality. I was reminded of this after hosting some friends on their first visit to South Africa. The impression that made a lasting impact was the sheer natural beauty that needed no embellishments. Importantly, their visits with people in the smallest of towns and the humblest of homes were the most rewarding. They loved the accents, the funny expressions (what does he mean when he says have a jol!), the quirky stuff on sale at the flea markets, the soccer headgear worn so confidently. What appealed was the lack of shiny fabricated trappings, and the people making the most of their environment by improvising here and there and not afraid to share it or show it off.

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