oa Journal of Marketing - What if it were my brand? : the starting point

Volume 2010, Issue 08
  • ISSN : 1811-9565



If ever we've seen a brand unravel before our eyes, then it has to be British Petroleum as it continues to battle the serious aftermath of its Gulf of Mexico oil rig catastrophe. There are lessons from this sorry tale for everyone. Engineers will ponder mechanical failure, environmentalists will ask serious policy questions and politicians will question matters of regulation. Marketers should ask themselves the 'what if it were my brand' question and, hopefully, the follow-up would be : 'Do I have a plan in place in to manage damage control?' The BP shambles has taught us that in the compressed 24-hour news cycle, public perception changes in an instant and that every action and every utterance is bulletin and blog fodder, and that ultimately impacts on share price and jobs. In this issue of the Journal, one of our most important to date, we've let the BP crisis settle somewhat and then we ask some serious brand-related questions.

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