oa Journal of Marketing - Christmas comes but once a year - but memories of bad service can last a life-time : services SETA

Volume 2011, Issue 02
  • ISSN : 1811-9565



Aye, yes, it was indeed that wonderful time of year when the world goes mad and everyone goes on an unstoppable spending spree in search of the elusive feel-good factor that only comes from the art of giving - or should that be spending? Now Christmas does come but once a year, at the same time each year! So it should come as no surprise to managers and owners of retail stores that their service levels be put to the test. One would think they would prepare in some way or another. More sales staff, perhaps, or a refresher course on high-demand products. Somehow these ideas, it seems, did not occur to any of the businesses I frequented this festive season.

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