oa Journal of Marketing - Lovely to have known you. Now get lost! : the Rice papers

Volume 2011, Issue 04
  • ISSN : 1811-9565



Freshers. Fags. Squirts. New boys. They go by a host of different names. At Jeremy Clarkson's school they were called stigs. At mine, they were simply known as understudies. But whatever the name, you can be sure that it was always uttered with a contemptuous sneer and a dismissive shrug of the shoulders, because no form of life on this planet is less worthy of acknowledgement than the new kid in school. The only good thing about being the lowest of the low is that from that inauspicious start, the new kid can only go upward, gaining the grudging respect of his or her peers and superiors with the passage of time. The longer they hang in there, the more they are valued. It's called earning your stripes.

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