oa Journal of Marketing - Heritage DOGS! Teaching old BRANDS new tricks!

Volume 2011, Issue 04
  • ISSN : 1811-9565



Survival of the 'firstest' in biological terms means that the first seedling to germinate will be the first to grow tallest and strongest. This applies to brands in the sense that the first brand to 'germinate' (resonate) in the youth space will also be the first to grow tallest and strongest. The major difference in marketing terms as opposed to biological terms is that the point in time at which 'germination' occurs is irrelevant. The challenge this presents is that the brands that have a full, strong and resilient timeline may have never germinated, or these brands may have even germinated at sporadic points in their past. How do these heritage brands find resonance, understand it contextually, and explore it to impact on the bottom line?

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