oa Journal of Marketing - Licensed to kill (competitors)

Volume 2011, Issue 06
  • ISSN : 1811-9565



James Bond movies aren't cheap to make. All those exotic locations, outrageous gadgets, physics-defying stunts and, of course, a gazillion explosions - these things add up. And that's before taking into account how much Daniel Craig would pocket for his starring role as 007 himself; no doubt his fee would make many an accountant wince. So it was no surprise to read that the next Bond movie, due out in November 2012, will recoup a cool $45 million (virtually a third of the total production budget) from product placement deals, i.e. the fees that brands are prepared to pay to be written into the script, or at the very least be highly visible on screen at critical moments. If James is to drive an Aston Martin, drink Grey Goose vodka, and save the world on his Sony laptop, it's going to cost those brands, big time.

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