n Journal of Minimum Intervention in Dentistry - Fluoride release of resin-modified GlC versus compomers - a quantitative systematic review

Volume 3, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1998-801X


To assess whether from restorations of comparable size, resin-modified glass ionomer cement releases more fluoride than compomers.

The trials were identified from a search of the PubMed database on 21 May 2009 using the terms: ((("Elan (compomer) "(Substance Name] OR "MagicFil "(Substance Name1 OR "Dyract flow Compomer "(Substance Name] OR "Freedom Compomer "[Substance Name] OR "dyract flow "[Substance Name] OR "compoglass flow "[Substance Name] OR "Vivaglass Fil "[Substance Name] OR "Vivaglass Cem "[Substance Name] OR "Dyract "[Substance Name])) AND "Glass lon ormer Cements"[Mesh]) AND "Fluorides"[Mesh]. References of accepted articles were checked for additional studies suitable tor inclusion.
Prospective 2-arm in vitro, in situ or in vivo trials; with relevance to review question including computable data; published in English.
The systematic literature search found 38 trials of which 24 were identified to be in line with the inclusion criteria. Of these, 22 trials (21 in vitro, 1 in vivo) could be traced for review. From the reviewed trials 481 individual datasets were extracted. A total of 330 datasets could be pooled into 102 separate meta-analyses. No meta-analysis was possible for the remaining 151 datasets due to clinical / methodological heterogeneity.
The results of the in vitro trials are conflicting. However, a generally higher fluoride-releasing efficacy of RMGlC than compomers could be observed. This was not confirmed, however, by the results of the single in vivo trial, which showed no difference in the fluoride content of plaque adjacent to Class III restoration with either material.
The results of the in vitro trials indicate that resin-modified glass ionomer cements may have a higher fluoride-releasing efficacy than compomers.

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