n Journal of Minimum Intervention in Dentistry - Aetiological factors for susceptibility : the location (number, location, activity) and the plaque (identification tools, scoring)

Volume 4, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1998-801X


Today, due to better understanding of caries process, the main goal is to postpone operative intervention as long as possible and to remineralize incipient non-cavitated lesions. For correct prevention and management of dental caries it is essential to determine individual's susceptibility to develop caries. Patient's susceptibility can be identified through anamnesis, oral examination and assessment of aetiological factors. Anamnesis can provide information about dental and medical history, behavioural habits (food habits, oral hygiene), social, economical and cultural status of the patient. Oral examination is essential to determine number of caries lesions, its activity and to classify each tooth surface as being sound, sealed, restored, crowned or missing. The visual examination has to be performed on clean, dryable tooth surfaces, with the advisable use of magnification and good quality lighting. Modified "International Caries Detection and Assessment system" (ICDAS-II) is used as a standardised visual scoring system for caries detection. Oral factors that influence the caries susceptibility of the patient are: oral hygiene maintenance (proper brushing technique, brushing frequency, interdental cleaning, toothpaste type, rinsing, etc), saliva and plaque. Among other tests, clinical examination of patient's susceptibility involves disclosing and collecting samples of dental plaque, which can also be used as motivation tool for improvement of oral hygiene. The patient should be educated about the dangers of plaque acid production and possible occurrence of new caries lesions and advised about the proper oral hygiene.

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