n Journal of Minimum Intervention in Dentistry - Teeth restoration using a high-viscosity glass ionomer cement : the Equia® system

Volume 4, Issue 3
  • ISSN : 1998-801X


Glass-ionomer cements have changed dramatically in recent years. The development of different chemical mixtures and the advent of nanotechnologies led industry to develop easy-to-use, strong and aesthetic products that started to be substitutes for other common materials, like amalgam. In particular, high viscosity glass-ionomer cements became a viable solution for reconstructions in posterior load-bearing areas but the higher wear and tendency to fracture, shown by many of GICs in comparison with other materials, limited their use in daily practice. However, the development of resin-based coating agents has resulted in better maturation of glass-ionomer cements and harder surfaces against wear and chipping of margins. In fact, the resin-based coating agents, once placed on the surface of a restoration, penetrate inside the porosities of glass-ionomers, creating a smooth surface, very resistant to occlusal forces and protecting margins from chipping and detachment. The Equia® system represents the most up-to-date glass-ionomer-based system, and its light-curable coating agent creates a strong and resistant protective layer.

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