n Journal of Minimum Intervention in Dentistry - Decontamination of hard tissue professional mechanical tooth cleaning principles

Volume 4, Issue 3
  • ISSN : 1998-801X


Professional Mechanical Tooth Cleaning (PMTC) is the cornerstone of active preventive office/consulting room treatments. Mechanical removal of dental plaque is vital for the prevention of carious and periodontal disease. Patients often see only the cosmetic improvement but dentists are primarily seeking a biological and bacteriological impact on all "at risk". PMTC aims to: Remove soft coatings on dental tissue, restorations, dental and implanted prostheses; Restore polish on surfaces, using suitable mechanical treatment; Create a surface that discourages subsequent bacterial recolonisation, and facilitates the flow of saliva over the tooth surfaces; Further the process by using chemical treatment to improve decontamination and remineralisation. Modifying the flora through mechanical disturbance, and the surfaces by polishing, PMTC fosters ion exchange on the tooth surface and creates a new bacterial balance. The frequency of application, the only variable, depends upon carious (or periodontal) risk. To be effective, PMTC should preferably be conducted on patients who have already shown good home plaque control, because this is the guarantee of long-lasting results.

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