n Journal of Minimum Intervention in Dentistry - Evidence base of Caries Management by Risk Assessment (CAMBRA) [poster] : grey literature

Volume 6, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1998-801X


[This document has been captured as part of the JMID-section for Grey-literature. Grey (or gray) literature refers to informally published written material that may be difficult to trace via conventional databases and/or journals as it is not formally published or is not widely accessible. However, Grey literature may still be an important source of information. Examples of grey literature include e.g: patents, reports, working documents or unpublished manuscripts]

The concept of Caries Management by Risk Assessment (CAMBRA) is based on the understanding that tooth caries is a bacterially based transmissible infection caused by imbalance between pathological and protective factors. The pathological factors are bacteria, frequency of fermentable carbohydrate intake, salivary dysfunction. The protective factors are saliva flow, topical fluoride, antibacterial agents, salivary proteins, calcium and phosphate. CAMBRA focuses on the assessment of the pathological factors and the subsequent enhancement of the protective factors.

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