oa Malawi Journal of Development Education - The contexts of language teaching and learning: A framework for analysis

Volume 1, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1729-0783



A framework is proposed to facilitate the systematic comparison o f the teaching and learning contexts of first, second, and foreign languages. The contextual framework consists of four major components overlapping in a quadrant: psychological, sociological, ideological, and technological. After being descriptionbed, these contextual components are related systematically to the teaching and learning of languages in Malawi. Chinyanja is both a first language for 50% of the population, and a second language for another 25%. There are also a number of other vernacular languages which were not formally recognized under the dictatorship of Kamuzu Banda (1964-1994). English is the official second language, being also the medium of instruction from year 5 of primary school. French is taught as a foreign language from secondary level onwards. The psychological, sociological, ideological, and technological aspects of the contexts of language teaching and learning are finally related to previously developed frameworks for language and learning.

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