n Malawi Law Journal - The role of local council courts and traditional institutions in resolving land disputes in post-conflict northern Uganda

Volume 7, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1996-7675


As a result of factors related to over two decades of armed conflict in northern Uganda, land disputes in the region have sky-rocketed since 2010. Due to the questionable legitimacy and inaccessibility of state courts, many people often resort to lower level institutions - Local Council Courts (LCCs) and Traditional Institutions (TIs) - for land dispute resolution. Using interview data and examples from the field, this article highlights the human rights shortfalls in the operation of LCCs and TIs and draws attention to the imperfect environment in which they operate. Despite the important role they purport to play in facilitating access to justice, they receive insufficient support from the state and are not properly regulated. For initiatives that seek to enhance access to justice by using informal justice mechanisms to succeed, they need to be accompanied by efforts to improve the environment in which they operate.

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