n Tax Breaks - Nasty tax consequences for those dubbed 'labour brokers' : labour brokers

Volume 2005, Issue 239
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Extracted from text ... LABOUR BROKERS 6 December 2005 Moneyweb's TAX BREAKS Nasty tax consequences for those dubbed 'labour brokers' By KATHY THERSBY SARS seems to be on a spree attacking transactions that would, in the normal course of events, not even remotely appear to resemble a labour-broking arrangement, warn Werkmans Attorneys. "Transactions accepted as standard and nothing out of the ordinary in everyday business, sometimes have unexpected tax consequences, " say Werkmans' Doelie Lessing and Andrew Wellsted. They point out in Tax Werks that many groups in South Africa have adopted a structure in terms of which some or all of the ..

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