oa Mosenodi - Transformative paradigm : a path to owning their own

Volume 15, Issue 1-2
  • ISSN : 1021-559X



Proverbs in the African community are important elements of speech that help transmit cultural values and wisdom from one generation to the next. Education today is seen as an important tool in transmitting cultural values and wisdom, and to address three major problems in most African countries - poverty, disease and ignorance. Research in critical issues in education provides the implementers with solutions to address these challenges. Since its inception in the East African region, as in most developing countries, special education has experienced problems of access, diversity and accountability. The problem of meeting educational needs of children with disabilities is a common and persistent one despite previous research findings. This then calls for a change in research especially in relation to the paradigm used. This paper presents the transformative paradigm as a framework for research related to disability and minority groupings. Transformative paradigm exposes researchers and other educationist to the structural relationships that exist between disability, experiences, and any subject of study or discussions that relate to them.

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