oa Annals of the Transvaal Museum - Descriptions of new Rhodesian Mycalesis (Lepidoptera - Satyridae)

Volume 22, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 0041-1752



My attention has recently been drawn by Mr K. M. Pennington to the fact that there existed in Northern Rhodesia a species of Mycalesis Hb. (subgenus Monotrichtis Hmpsn.) occurring side by side with M. (M.) cooksoni Ham. Druce, which it closely resembled on the upperside. Moreover, a rather similar form was found to occur near Sinoia, Southern Rhodesia, which most probably was the form thought to be cooksoni by Stevenson and recorded as such by Pinhey (1949) in his 'Records of Southern Rhodesian butterflies' (Dec. Papers Rhod. Mus. II, no. IS, 296). After having received from Mr Pennington series of both new forms, as well as some specimens of cooksoni, and having compared the male genitalia of all three, I have come to the conclusion that the Northern Rhodesian form is specifically distinct from cooksoni, in whose company it was taken at Ipongo by C. B. Cottrell, whereas the Southern Rhodesian form, taken at Sinoia by J. L. Hart, was conspecific with the new Northern Rhodesian form, but represented a distinct subspecies thereof.

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