oa Annals of the Transvaal Museum - Revision of the genera Aethiopodes Warren, 1902, and Odontoptera Stephens, 1831, in southern Africa (Lepidoptera: Geometridae: Ennominae)

Volume 40, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 0041-1752



The genus Aethiopodes Warren, 1902, which is endemic to South Africa and Namibia, and the southern African members of the genus Odontopera Stephens, 1831, are revised. Aethiopodes Warren is removed from the synonymy of Odontopera and reinstated as a valid genus, and Buttia Warren, 1904, is, in turn, synonymized with Aethiopodes Warren. The type species of the monotypic genus Buttia, B. noctuodes Warren, 1904, and four species hitherto included in Odontopera are transferred to Aethiopodes: A. erebaria (Guenée, [1858]) comb. nov., A. paliscia (Prout, 1922) comb. nov., A. stictoneura (Prout, 1917) comb. nov., and A. perplexata (Warren, 1904). Three species of Aethiopodes are described as new: A. medioumbrata spec. nov., A. staudei spec. nov., and A. meyi spec. nov. Gonodontis homales Prout, 1922, is removed from Odontopera; its correct generic placement is not known. Odontopera Stephens, 1831, as defined in this revision, is represented in southern Africa by three species, two of which are described as new: Odontopera impeyi spec. nov. from South Africa, and O. stevensoni spec. nov. from Zimbabwe. Odontopera ochroneura aidna (Prout, 1938), originally described from Uganda, is recorded from southern Africa for the first time. The phylogenetic position of the genus within Ennominae is discussed. Distribution of the southern African species of Odontopera and Buttia is detailed in the form of maps and a gazetteer.

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