n African Invertebrates - Illustrated key and systematics of male South African (Diptera: Muscidae)

Volume 56, Issue 3
  • ISSN : 1681-5556
  • E-ISSN: 2305-2562


A key to the males of Atherigona s. str. species is provided and all species known to occur in South Africaare treated. The number of previously described species known to occur in South Africa is increased to 43from the approximate previous 35, and an additional 25 new species: A. albicornis sp. n., A. capitulata sp. n., A. chrysohypene sp. n., A. convexa sp. n., A. danielssoni sp. n., A. erectisetula sp. n., A. flavifinis sp. n., A. flaviheteropalpata sp. n., A. heteropalpata sp. n., A. kirkspriggsi sp. n., A. latibasilaris sp. n., A. libertensissp. n., A. londti sp. n., A. ndumoensis sp. n., A. nesshurstensis sp. n., A. oblonga sp. n., A. parviclivis sp. n., A. parvihumilata sp. n., A. piscatoris sp. n., A. rimapicis sp. n., A. stuckenbergi sp. n., A. tigris sp. n., A. umbonata sp. n., A. vernoni sp. n. and A. zulu sp. n. are described. A. hancocki van Emden, 1940 is designated as junior synonym to A. divergens Stein, 1913.

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