n Perspectives in Education - The Internet and social development : African voices on HIV / AIDS and education : HIV / AIDS and education

Volume 20, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 0258-2236


This paper draws policy conclusions from a four-month experiment to bring information technology to bear on the problem of HIV / AIDS in southern Africa during preparations for the Dakar World Education Forum in April 2000. <br>A UNDP-sponsored interactive virtual e-dialogue among sub-Saharan African voices addressed 14 major issues currently facing educational policymakers. By networking through a neutral, user-friendly medium, this project generated surprisingly wide regional interest. Among more than 600 subscribers from 54 countries, almost half were from sub-Saharan Africa. <br>Postings provided new and compelling evidence of institutional and individual coping behaviours throughout the subregion. The LIST offered an opportunity to share difficult but ultimately successful experiences, such as formation of associations of PLWHAs, and collective action to affect public policy. Vivid personal encounters with the effects of the epidemic were courageously shared, and major 'missing' issues needing policy attention identified. <br>Scholarships were provided to two especially articulate LIST representatives so that they could present discussion summaries at the Dakar World Education Forum. Initial misgivings as to the suitability of an INTERNET-based virtual information-exchange on this sensitive subject proved unfounded. The Internet proved a viable policy tool for development in the subregion, and helped offset negative effects of the African diaspora.

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