n Perspectives in Education - Decolonising inclusion : constructing an analytic framework for inclusion / exclusion for the decolonising context : research paper

Volume 21, Issue 3
  • ISSN : 0258-2236


In his comprehensive review of the notion of social inclusion and exclusion in the South, Sayed demonstrates that there is not yet a consensus among analysts from the South about the applicability and meaning of social inclusion and exclusion as analytic tools. His review calls for a deepened critical engagement with the notion of social inclusion and exclusion in the diverse context of the South. This article constructs an analytic approach to inclusion and exclusion consistent within a decolonising context. The article begins by providing a critical analysis of the notion of inclusion and exclusion within a post-colonial project, and affirms inclusion / exclusion as important analytic tools to the extent that they are constructed as active processes bounded within a human rights framework. The second half of the article applies this decolonising framework for inclusion / exclusion to the South African system of education, and suggests three analytic lenses for analysis - equity, quality, and knowledge. Using the process of transformation within the South African system of education as a point of departure, the article seeks to suggest the range of analytic questions that emerge from this approach.

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