oa Phronimon - A philosophical view of social transformation through restorative justice teachings - a case study of traditional leaders in Ixopo, South Africa

Volume 13, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1561-4018



Ubuntu principles are entrenched in South Africa's laws and judicial system but globalisation and accompanying Westernisation resulted in acculturation and the erosion of traditional values which created a state of anomie. The same values and principles that underpin the African philosophy of ubuntu are embodied in restorative justice. In this article it is suggested that the interconnectedness of restorative justice values and ubuntu worldview could offer a medium to bridge the divide between traditional culture and a modern-day life world. It is proposed that restorative justice values offer the ideal platform for the teaching of a pro-social culture and restorative method of conflict resolution in society, thereby becoming a catalyst for social transformation. This case study done in the Ixopo Amakosi area of South Africa, furthermore represents an applied attempt to illustrate how restorative teachings can be used pro-actively in crime prevention and not merely reactively during adjudication.

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