n Journal of the Southern African Association for Research in Mathematics, Science and Technology Education - The development and use of an instrument to assess students' attitudes to the study of science

Volume 5 Number 1
  • ISSN : 1028-8457
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This paper reports on aspects of a three-phase study whose aim was to gather information on undergraduates responses to the study of science. The emphasis of this paper is on the methodological issues arising from considerations of how to measure and analyse data on attitudes. The study draws on the methodology employed in an earlier study undertaken in Canada, the Views on Science-Technology-Society (VOSTS) study, applying the methodology in a new context. The first two phases involved the development and validation of an appropriate research instrument. The third phase involved using the instrument with students in the first year of study at Wits University. In addition to the quantitative data gathered, the students' responses on the instrument were used to develop in-depth 'profiles' of particular groups of students.

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