oa Southern African Field Archaeology - Archaeological investigation of a nineteenth century water furrow in Church Street, Central Pretoria."

Volume 4, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1019-5785



Originally Pretoria was supplied with water by a system of furrows. An archaeological investigation was conducted of a section of one of these furrows, found in the course of construction work in Church Street, Pretoria. The investigation aimed to provide the Pretoria City Council with recommendations for the conservation and possible use of the furrow. Two sections of the furrow were examined in order to obtain more information on the building material and techniques used in its construction. From the investigation it was deduced that the furrow was primarily in use prior to 1910, to supply water to the eastern parts of the city. It is suggested that more detailed research should be carried out in order to understand the furrow system as a whole in an effort to anticipate similar problems and solutions in future development projects."

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